We have a wide selection of used concrete mixer trucks, including Mack,
International & Ford and at a good price. Most of our business is to repeat customers.


Pioneer is a dealer for the NEW 2009 year model, Export Mack GU813.
Without U.S. emission controls; the engine is designed for high sulfur fuel.

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Mack 345HP Engine, with Engine Brake
8 Speed Mack Transmission
46,000lb Rear Axle Camelback, 20,000lb Front
Double Framed
Mixer Drum: 10.5 (8 cu Meter), 1/4x1/4x1/4 (6.35mm)
Mack International Warranty
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For customers in the Middle East and West Africa
Trucks will be shipped to the U.S. port of Savannah or Baltimore; price depends on quantity ordered.
Choosing Mack versus Mercedes or other European models can save you $50,000 U.S. per truck. Here is how: a) the mixer drum will last 2 years longer (6.35mm), b) Mack is around $15,000 U.S. cheaper, per truck, delivered, and c) Mack's resale value. Most European trucks are considered disposable and lose most value, but this Mack concrete mixer truck should be worth $25,000 in 10 years and easy to sell. Maintenance costs are also less than European models. This is a great deal while the U.S. dollar is low.

For customers in Central & South America and the Islands
Pioneer regularly ships to Venezuela, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and the Caribbean Islands. Price depends on quantity ordered, and port of delivery and destination.

Call or email for assistance with an ocean freight forwarder and a detailed quotation.
205.335.2004 (US) or 205.324.1993
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